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Garmin Accessories. Store Gear Transducers Transducer Cables. Marine Accessories. All Marine Electronics. Transducers Transducer Cables. Fitness, Sports, Golf. Account Wishlist. Toggle navigation. GPS Units - Accessories. Trolling Motors. Manufacturer: -- All -- Garmin Lowrance. Garmin Force 57" Freshwater Trolling Motor. Rating What does MAP Price mean? Garmin Force 50" Freshwater Trolling Motor.

Email info thegpsstore. However, our customer showroom is currently closed. Sample Header Text. All Rights Reserved. Includes a wireless foot pedal for instant control and response and integrated Ultra-High Definition scanning sonar when connected to a compatible Garmin Network unit!

Wirelessly connect to a compatible chartplotter for navigation, autopilot and anchor lock.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register.

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Pages: [ 1 ] 2. I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on getting one. I've read a lot of good things on them and I already have the garmin electronics to pair with it. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything bad about them?

I don't think there's too many of them out there yet. But everything i've read about them has been positive.

garmin trolling motor

RI 9 lbs. California Delta - SMB 5 lbs. From what I have seen, they are just now starting to show up at marine dealers, so they are still pretty new to the public. The reviews I have read are mixed. Almost everyone says it is the quietest motor they have had. But most are also saying that the spot lock or whatever Garmin calls theirs is not good. I read that in a handful of the reviews and they all said the same exact thing, that it wanders, forward and then backwards, and then forward again.

Not tight locking at all. Personally, I won't spend this much on a TM, but if you're looking for a TM to pair with your Garmin electronics, that I don't blame you for considering it. The reviews at Tackle Warehouse were pretty much balanced, with some negative and some positive. Just got back from the boat show and seen the new Lowrance Ghost on a couple of boats. Impressive looking motor, looks solid and very clean looking the way they route the wiring. As for the spot lock Curt i've seen similar reviews on the Ultrex too!

The calmer the water the more they wander! I'm also going to be getting three lithium ion batteries for it. I'm on the fence between Dakota lithiums and ionic's. I like the ionics Bluetooth capabilities but Dakota gives an 11 year warranty so just shopping for more reviews on them also. Paul Mueller from Ct. I am sure he is using one.Move your fishing to a higher level with the Garmin Force Trolling Motor.

The most powerful and efficient trolling motor on the market, the Garmin Force Trolling Motor uses wireless chartplotter connectivity to provide navigation, autopilot, and anchor lock features. Use the precise anchor lock to hold your boat in the same location while you fish.

The Garmin Force Trolling Motor includes a convenient wireless foot pedal that delivers instant control and responsiveness, yet feels and steers like a cable-steered pedal. See more fish and structure clearly with integrated Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar. It also includes a handheld remote control with built-in sunlight-readable display. The remove gives you complete control of the Garmin Force Trolling Motor and simple point-and-go gesture steering.

Powerful, efficient, and quiet, with the Garmin Force Trolling Motor gives you all three. The powerful Garmin Force Trolling Motor has the power to move you from spot to spot more quickly and stand up better to winds and currents.

Even with all that power, it is also the most efficient trolling motor available, so you can count on it to fish all day. And it is still whisper quiet. Its high-efficiency brushless motor operates at either 36 V or 24V. Enjoy the convenience of a wireless foot pedal.

Garmin Force Trolling Motor

The Garmin Force Trolling Motor provides instant control and responsiveness yet feels and steers just like a cable-steered pedal. It operates wirelessly using AA batteries, or — if you prefer — it can be hardwire installed. Simple integration with your Garmin chartplotter via a wireless connection makes using the built-in autopilot easy. The built-in autopilot, with integrated heading sensor and GPS, provides anchor lock, heading hold, and cruise control. Check your steering on the unit your chartplotter or sunlight-visible remote display.

Just set your track and it will guide you along your course. The cable management system protects the built-in transducer cables as well as additional accessories, including the full range of Panoptix and Panoptix LiveScope sonars.

See the specs for more detail on partial sonar supports. The included handheld remote control with a sunlight-readable, transflective display offers total control of the trolling motor from anywhere on your boat, along with unique point-and-go gesture steering capabilities. These are also user-programmable keys on the remote, which you can use to control of your chartplotter.

Robust and easy to use, the Garmin Force Trolling Motor is built to last. Backed by a 3-year warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on the shaft. Comments: Pros: First impressions, the Garmin Force is a game awesome. I come from a 24v Ultrex and I fish on a river with a ton of current. And I have the Garmin wired at 24V until I upgrade batteries.

The power is incredible. It is also the quietest trolling motor I have ever heard. My Ultrex which I loved was much louder, and had significantly more vibration.Are you planning a whole lot of fishing trips and need a great trolling motor? Note: most links in this article are Amazon.

The Garmin Force Trolling Motor is big, powerful, technologically advanced, and even fairly quiet too. I have attended a trade show this weekend and the Garmin rep told me they had tested the Force motor is saltwater.

Per the information, he gave me, with proper maintenance the warranty would now cover their motor for saltwater use. I had to look it up so I could update you and here is what I found. Additionally, the rep said that you would need to inspect the zinc anode on the propeller shaft to maintain the warranty. From what the rep said and the new information in the Garmin Force documents I feel this motor is now safe to use in salt or brackish water.

The Garmin Force Trolling Motor is designed for a serious bass fisherman. The fact of the matter is that Garmin Force is one of the most powerful, quiet, and efficient trolling motors out there.

So, if you are planning to spend days and weeks fishing, especially in lakes, rivers, and streams with strong currents and winds, the Garmin Force Trolling Motor is probably for you. When you purchase the Garmin Force Trolling Motor, there is actually quite a whole lot included, and we think that you will appreciate it.

Of course, the motor itself is included, and yes, it comes with everything a motor needs to have — remote, propeller, and all mounting hardware.

However, there is a lot more to it than that. For instance, it comes with dual gas springs for easy deployment and stowing, and it includes a wireless foot pedal for easy control. Also, you can order a bundle package to include an NMEA compatible Garmin multi-tier sonar system and display so you can find fish with ease. Most of these units are loaded with features including, GPS, autopilot, chart plotting, cruise control, anchor hold, and other features we will be talking about.

The Garmin Force Trolling Motor does come with a user manual, and we would recommend reading it before taking it out on the water. If you need a super-powerful trolling motor to get you through tough currents and to fight against strong winds, the Garmin Force Trolling Motor is definitely a good option. When it comes to features, at the end of the day, this thing has way more power than most trolling motor out there at this time.

The really impressive part is that when this motor is only running at 24 V it delivers comparable thrust to other 24 V motors.

Dialing in the Garmin LiveScope on Clear Water

When running at 36 V the trust jumps right up to match other 36 V motors without any loss of thrust due to this unique ability. The dual voltage feature makes this motor a great choice for a motor upgrade without rewiring your entire boat. It is more than powerful enough to deal with really strong currents and harsh winds, so you can get where you need to go quickly and efficiently. And on that same note, this particular trolling motor is actually quite efficient, both in terms of speed and fuel use as well.

Yet another big bonus that you get with the Garmin Force Trolling Motor is that it is very quiet. Besides being very powerful, super-efficient, and fairly quiet, the Garmin Force Trolling Motor does have quite a few other features that are worth mentioning.

Click here for our more detailed overview of the Garmin Force Trolling Motor. In terms of durability, the Garmin Force Trolling Motor is one of the tougher options out there today. For one, the Garmin Force Trolling Motor can be steered handheld remote, but, it also comes with a foot pedal for steeling.

This foot pedal is wireless, which is nice because there are no long cables that will get in your way and potentially create a hazard, plus it means that you can keep the foot pedal anywhere on the boat, and steer it from wherever you choose.

Now, it does operate using AA batteries, at least for the wireless mount option, but it does come with the option to be hardwired, in which case it does not require any batteries. If you do choose to go with the battery-powered option, it has a battery life of 1 full fishing season, which is quite impressive.Our goal? After about an hour spent sprinting around a Central Florida lake, these are my takeaways:. Force is fast. The motor had enough thrust to bring the bow of our foot Nitro test boat close to pad.

This claim passes the eye, foot, and feel tests. Force is well-balanced. All of that power comes at you in waves. When you hit the throttle button on the wireless foot pedal, the Force ramps up in a quick, steady curve. This means the unit is far less jerky than a very powerful trolling motor otherwise might be. No thrust rating explained. One of the most innovative Force features is actually one that buyers might gloss over at first—the remote.

How innovative can a remote be? Turns out, very. The Force trolling motor will follow the hand movements of its controller when a special button is depressed on the remote.

Silent but deadly. The Force is indeed a silent killer. This product is sexy. This trolling motor looks more like a F stealth fighter than an Abrams tank.

While competitors have their place—the latest offerings from Lowrance and Motorguide yes included—Force is the runway beauty of the bunch. Precision GPS routes. As you might expect from a company with more experience in GPS than almost any other business on the planet, the GPS positioning is pinpoint on the Garmin Force.

Anglers will particularly appreciate that precision with which the trolling motor automatically follows routes. Early impressions are that the Best of Show award is destined for one of the newly launched trolling motors.

Garmin Force Trolling Motor Review

Will it be the Garmin Force? Or will it be Lowrance Ghost? Or, perhaps, an old familiar name will rise to the challenge. Time will tell. For now, you can watch our on the water video with the Force and read our first impressions with the Ghost to form your own impressions.Keep in mind that teachable moments come up all of the time be mindful of natural places for the conversation to go in order to broach the topic of drugs and alcohol.

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Trolling Motors

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